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We offer our clients the best in class services and support. We have been consistently delivering top quality solutions for our clients for over 30 years. Our solutions are constantly evolving to keep up with the latest changes in the industry. We pride ourselves on being a great media partner to many clients for many years, with a client satisfaction rating of 97%. 



There are many documentaries that have been released in recent years and continue to be produced regarding the lives, trials, tribulations, inspirations, and motivations of writers throughout history. But, how may boast of 76 Addy and 2 Emmy awards? Our team can.

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Blasting every digital marketing platform with campaigns that bombards customers rather than providing a good customer experience will only result in lost revenue. An effective digital marketing strategy must have surgical precision and combine the right mix of focused multi-platform campaigns to achieve the best results.

About us

Our Dedication to Media, is a company that offers high-impact digital content publishing, marketing, and video advertising. will continue to diversify its offerings with complementary technologies and capabilities, including social media and native advertising. continues to grow its television and digital media operations by offering high-quality content viewers can trust while delivering unprecedented marketing opportunities for businesses and advertisers.

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Our Services

Media buy services for all types, all size companies big and small.


Television produces by far the most dynamic advertisements, using sound and motion in addition to writing and images. These ads usually tell a story with an impact on audiences.


The #1 medium to react with consumers is “Over The Top,” meaning over the top of the “box” and refers to video content that is accessed via the internet instead of traditional cable via set-top-box (STB) or satellite TV.


Digital marketing—any communication, in any form, that takes place via the internet or other forms of digital media—has proven effective for promoting a wide range of companies and products.

Connected TV Advertising

A crucial part of any media strategy. Studies have proven that most purchasing decisions are made at the household level, meaning the key to creating long-term customer connections is by delivering meaningful messaging to the members of the household.


Radio advertising has many different forms. There are live reads, which can include dialogue, background music, sound effects, or a jingle. There is also the sponsored segment known as a sponsorship, where a business pays to have a radio segment such as traffic or weather paid for by their business. Use of a podcast and the proper setup merging YouTube can be very effective to your campaign.

Our new docuseries "The Next" is on track to be released in mid-August 2022, an Executive docuseries of corporate disrupters of 2022. We are currently in talks with prospective Executives and their Companies. has participated in the successful production with Former NFL Running Back Elgin Davis “The Untold Story of Elgin Davis 44 to 40”


Networks we work with

Although these are some very large house hold names, there are many more streaming services we also work with.

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Why Choose Us

Experience and longevity bring lots of value.

The team has collective experience in every medium imaginable from directing Super Bowls, to NFL – NFC, and AFC Playoff games. Developed Ad campaigns that ran in over 190 US markets – Voted the most successful Automotive Ad campaign in the US by the National Association of Advertising, to Producing Television commercials for almost every Fortune 500 Company that is a household name today. Produced Documentaries in multiple countries and even Directed Olympic IceSkating in Seoul Korea for NBC. This is a very short list of our team’s accomplishments. You name a category and we will tell you who we have dealt with. Let us be your consultant for your next media campaign, you will be glad you did.

Anything read here, we would be glad to give you a reference to.










Clients Now and Then

Client we have worked with through out our 30 plus years in the media business. Ask us what  we have done for them, it would be very satisfiying to share our stories 



Our investment in Miamimedia is paying off, both in terms of the quality of our work and the speed with which we are able to complete it. It’s no longer an issue for us to have everything ready on time, and this has translated into fewer last-minute crises as well. We are really pleased with the outcome so far, and we’re sure that this number will grow many times over as we continue working with Miamimedia.

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James Oliver

We started working with thinking we will run 5-10 campaigns in total, but after seeing how much effort the team spends on our account, we are sure that this number will grow tenfold. They are super responsive and helpful, and their knowledge of the whole media concept is really amazing, so we can just sit back and relax while they do the work! We love what they have done for us so far, and we can’t wait to see the results in a few months!

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Rosalee Melvin
5/5 is a very professional and creative team. They have been able to implement our ideas and make our commercials and website exactly how we envisioned it.

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Macie Naquin

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Traditional television, radio, digital, social media, and everywhere in between.

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